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Site Policy

The following policies apply to the website ("the Company website" hereafter; that is operated by Money Partners Group Co., Ltd. ("the Company"). Users are asked to read the following terms and conditions before accessing this website.

1. Introduction

Items posted on the Company website are provided for the purpose of supplying information about the finances, operating results and other aspects of the operations of the Company. Money Partners Group makes no guarantees whatsoever concerning the contents of the Company website.

Information on the Company website is not provided for the purpose of soliciting investments in the Company. Users are cautioned not to rely solely on information on the Company website when reaching investment decisions. Investors are asked to reach these decisions on their own.

Information on the Company website includes forward-looking statements about the Company's performance. These statements are not guarantees about future performance and include risks and uncertainties. Uses should remember that actual performance may differ from these statements due to changes in the operating environment and other factors.

2. Copyrights

Copyrights to the contents of the Company website are held by Money Partners Group or the respective copyright holders of other information.

The contents of the Company website may not be copied for commercial purposes or altered, reused or redistributed for the purpose of providing this information to a third party.

3. Trademarks

Names of Money Partners Group companies, products and services may not be used without prior consent.

4. Disclaimer

Money Partners Group exercises care with regard to the accuracy of information provided on the Company website. However, the Company and other information providers assume no responsibility whatsoever for any losses resulting from erroneous data, data altered by third parties, downloaded data and other problems involving information on the Company website. The Company may suspend or eliminate some sections of the Company website without prior notice.

Furthermore, users may have difficulty using the Company website depending on the Internet connection and/or computer used or for other reasons. The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any problems, losses or damages resulting from these difficulties.

5. Links to other websites

The Company website may include links and banners that transfer users to other websites. These websites are operated by other organizations and not by the Company.

The Company assumes no responsibility whatsoever with regard to the contents of linked websites or concerning any damages or losses caused by the use of these websites.

6. Legal jurisdiction

Interpretations of the Company's policies for the Company website and the application of these policies are governed by the laws of Japan. All disputes involving the Company website will be submitted to the Tokyo District Court, which has jurisdiction for the location of the Company's head office, as the exclusive court of first instance.

7. Notice of revisions to website policy

The Company may revise all or part of its policy for the Company website. When significant revisions are made, they will be posted on the Company website for an appropriate period.

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