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Q: When was MONEY PARTNERS GROUP established?
A:MONEY PARTNERS CO., LTD. was established on June 10, 2005.
The Company changed its name to MONEY PARTNERS GROUP CO., LTD. due to shifting to a holding company in October 2008.
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Q: What are MONEY PARTNERS GROUP's operations and key strengths?
A: In June 2007, MONEY PARTNERS GROUP became the first FX broker to list on the Hercules market placing Foreign Exchange Margin Trading (FX) business, which is gaining popularity in recent year, at the core. Currently, MONEY PARTNERS GROUP not only provides FX services with the industry's leading merchantability to individual investors but also provides ASP business to other financial institutions. MONEY PARTNERS GROUP will promote new business opportunities using our experience and know how cultivated in the FX business, in a wide range of sectors including FX services, over-the-counter trading (OTC) and derivatives.
Q: Questions regarding MONEY PARTNERS GROUP affiliates
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Q: When were shares listed?
A: The shares were listed on June 21, 2007.
Q: What are the details regarding credit ratings?
A: Money Partners Group CO., LTD. received the following rating from Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR).

Target rating: Short-term preferred debt
Rating: J-3
(As of July 31, 2009)
Q: What independent accountant does Money Partners Group use?
A: Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLC
Q: What are the details regarding corporate governance?
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Q: What is MONEY PARTNERS GROUP's basic stance towards information disclosure?
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[Financial Information]

Q: When is the end of MONEY PARTNERS GROUP's fiscal year?
A: The end of the fiscal year is March.
Q: Does Money Partners Group issue earnings forecasts?
A: The performance of Money Partners Group is highly vulnerable to the environment for financial markets, including market movements and market liquidity, as well as to changes in the economies of Japan and other countries. Since this uncertainty makes it difficult to determine earnings forecasts, the Money Partners Group does not announce forecasts.

The Group discloses operating index as a monthly review including foreign exchange trading volumes and customer accounts which have large impact on operating revenue and business performances as an alternative to the earnings forecasts.

For preliminary monthly reports, please click "Preliminary Monthly Report" under the "News Release" category.

[Stock and Dividend Information]

Q: On which stock exchange is MONEY PARTNERS GROUP listed?
A: MONEY PARTNERS GROUP is listed on the Standard Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange Market.
Q: What is MONEY PARTNERS GROUP's securities code?
A: The securities code is 8732.
Q: What is the trading unit?
A: The trading unit is one share.
Q: What are the record dates for dividends?
A: The record dates are September 30 for the interim dividend and March 31 for the year-end dividend. However, the ex-dividend date is five business days prior to these record dates.

[Question regarding shareholder return]

Q: What are the details regarding dividends and dividend payout ratio?
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The dividend payout ratio and frequency of dividends are as follows.

Dividend payout ratio:
(consolidated) 50%
Frequency of dividends: Twice each year (end of interim and year end)
Q: What is the policy for earnings distributions to shareholders and other shareholder benefits?
A: The basic policy of Money Partners Group is to pay a stable dividend while taking into account the need to retain sufficient earnings for future growth and strengthening current business operations. Retained earnings are used for new businesses, the development of new products and capital expenditures with the goal of increasing revenues and earnings and corporate value.

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