MoneyPartners Group

Corporate Governance

[Fundamental policy of corporate governance]

The directors and Board of Directors of Money Partners Group oversee the management of business operations and risk management with the goal of preserving and increasing corporate value. For the execution of business operations by directors, the full-time corporate auditor and other corporate auditors perform audits and other supervisory activities.

There are two methods for reaching decisions concerning management. One is by submitting issues for discussion to the Group Executive Committee, which then submits these issues to the Board of Directors where a decision is reached. The other method involves approvals and decisions by managers with the required authority based on documents submitted by company departments or group companies.

In addition, Money Partners Group uses the executive officer system at its subsidiaries and gives lower-level managers greater authority for the purpose of reaching decisions faster. The directors and Board of Directors of each subsidiary oversee and supervise the execution of business operations by the executive officers. The Group Executive Committee oversees operations of the entire group by receiving reports on the results of oversight and supervision activities and the status of these activities.

Money Partners Group believes that an effective system of internal controls is vital to maintaining the soundness of corporate governance functions. Internal control systems are established for the purposes of ensuring the efficiency of business operations, the reliability of financial reports, the legality of all group activities and the protection of assets. The fundamental approach is to achieve these objectives by establishing a framework for supervising the activities of all executives and employees who are engaged in business operations. In addition to using internal control systems, group companies use investor relations programs and the annual shareholders meeting to provide shareholders with information. Money Partners Group has a firm commitment to corporate governance based on management policies that put the interests of shareholders first from the standpoints of fairness, transparency and accountability.

Money Partners Group places priority on compliance and risk management activities. Group companies are constantly taking steps to improve their management systems and organizations in order to earn the trust of financial market participants and preserve the soundness of their business operations.

To ensure the transparency of business operations, Money Partners Group is strengthening its information disclosure system by using the Internet and other channels to quickly make information of interest available to investors.